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RT29D long range UHF DMR Portable Radio for mountaineering

by Lewis

Retevis RT29D has been released recently, which can be used of variety of environments
As a DMR Portable Radio for mountaineering is no problem as well, even it’s more suitable

DMR Portable Radio for mountaineering
RT29D is a high power DMR radio, it means that the range is farther when you talk with your partner in mountaineering.In addition, RT29D has IP67 waterproof feature for outdoor rainy weather, so don’t worry to use it in the rainy

RT29D, the frequency is the UHF range, the penetrating power is more strong when you’re faced with mountains. It’s very possible that you can listen to your partner at the other hand of mountain

As fas as we know, RT29D is updated based on RT29, It keeps the original big battery capacity 3200 mah
It’s very important to make sure that you have enough battery power to keep communication each other in mountaineering

RT29D is a DMR Portable Radio, it’s more clear than a analog radio, when you climb the mountain, the noise of wind is very terrible.If you own RT29D DMR radio, the voice is more clear to make you partmer listen better

RT29D has a Bluetooth headset, it’s more convenient and safe to carry than corded headset, especially you need to do more with hands free

Except for RT29D DMR Portable Radio for mountaineering, it’s also used for other applications, like fire disaster. There is an article for RT29D for firefighters using: https://www.twowayradiocommunity.com/the-best-waterproof-digital-radio-rt29d-for-firefighters/

If you want to know if RT29D radio can meet with your application scenario, welcome to contact us by email, lewis@retevis.com

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