Retevis Bluetooth App controlled Mobile radio RT99

Retevis Bluetooth App controlled Mobile radio RT99

Retevis Bluetooth Mobile radio RT99 is released. It supports the mobile phone APP.  It is a mobile radio with dual band VHF 136-174mhz &  UHF400-470mhz.

As the mobile radio, the high power of RT99 is UHF 40W VHF 50W. Channel space with wideband 25khz and narrowband 12.5khz.

The big difference is this mobile radop RT99 can be operated by smartphone’s app. No need to program your radio by software, you can program it on the app in your phone.

The features of this mobile radio RT99

1, You can download the app on your smartphone to set your radio

2, You can track your radio’s location on your smartphone.

3, Has the POC function, no need SIM card, you can use the POC function( Only for Android phone)

4, IP67 waterproof and dustproof, very fit for cycling and climbing enthusiasts.

5, Quick to build the talk group, no limited for distance, no limited for the numbers of members. Push to talk in time.

6, Support the BlueTooth devices, like BlueTooth earpieces, wireless speaker mic, wireless PTT.

7, Small fan with good heat dissipation function

8, Network repeater function can transmit the information received by network channel as an analog signal(Android users only)


The Specification of this mobile radio RT99

Retevis BlueTooth Mobile Radio RT99
Frequency RangeVHF 136-174mhz &  UHF400-470mhz.
Channel number16*N groups( N≥1)
Max RF PowerUHF 40W VHF 50W
Channel Space25khz(wideband) 12.5khz(narrowband)
Support network2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, CDMA, GSM, etc.
Support BluetoothAbove 2.0
Antenna InterfaceSL16
FM radio88-108MHz
Waterproof and Dustproof gradeIP67


The package of Retevis RT99

1*Retevis RT99 Bluetooth Mobile Radio
1*User Manual
1*Speaker Microphone
1* Bracket
1* Power cord
1*Screw group


If any question about this bluetooth mobile radio, please leave message here or email us:, we will reply you within 24hours.

25 thoughts on “Retevis Bluetooth App controlled Mobile radio RT99”

  1. David Shaw KE6UPI

    Reviced the RT99 today. I downloaded the Vr-N7500 app. Doesn’t connect to the radio. Where do I download the RT99 Android app?

      1. scott mckinney

        Is there an app for windows? Would be nice for base station operations. I know I can run an emulator, but not sure if it will work. Can you email me the apk?

      2. Linas Kerbelis

        When I bought it I was under impression that it will work with Vr-N7500 app which is nicely updated and has all APRS funtions. When and where we will have an app or can we use Vr-N7500 app?
        Will Retrevis app have APRS?

        1. Hi,
          we haven’t tested our app with the APRS function.
          If we confirm this later, we will post it!

  2. Peter vd Heide

    Can you also send me some info about the rt99 app?
    Best regards Peter vd Heide Netherlands

  3. Volker Steiger

    I have ordered a RT99 today. It will arrive tomorrow. Where can I download the app? How about the APRS Funktionality?



  4. I received my RT99 today. I initially bound the radio to my mobile telephone (Android). Then I tried to bind my Android tablet to the radio, but the app would not recognize the radio. Strangely, the tablet was able to pair to the radio; outside of the RT 99 app. However, the RT99 app still did not recognize the radio. Is there a limit to the number of devices the radio could be bound to?

    1. Hello! for now, RT99 can only support the windows version! please change another computer, thanks!

  5. Hi, i‘m using an RT99 in my car. The RT99 is bluetooth connected to my smartphone. The smartphone itself is bluetooth connected to the cars handfree speaking function of the radio. If i push the green button on the smartphone (HT app, map view) the rt99 is transmitting and the microphone of the car is used. But if i push the retevis bluetooth PTT button (which is succesfull paired over bluetooth) RT99 will not transmit. If i plug in the wired original microphone to the transveiver, the retevis bluetooth PTT works, but the micro of the wired microphone is used. How can i use bluetooth PTT with my cars handfree speaking microphone? Thanks Ingo

    1. Hi, May I KNOW Which PTT bluetooth Button you used? because in our RT99 package, there is no this part.

      1. Hi, it is a bluetooth PTT from VGC sold as optional part for the VGC-N7500 from a local radio shop. But indeed í´m using this PTT with the Retevis RT99. Thanks.

        1. hi, here we haven’t tested the PTT you said with the model RT99. But here we suggest you to check if two devices bluetooth paired or not.

  6. Hello, will it be possible to use a bluetooth headset for mic and audio output in normal radio operations?
    And additional a bluetooth ptt?

  7. When will the iOS app be updated, like the concept but not having the same functions is a deal breaker for me

  8. 1. WHERE ARE the “HT / RT99” Help files??

    2. *Everything* entered and WAS WORKIING ~ UNTIL the Bluetooth disconnects! Upon reconnect everything gets wiped out! HOURS of wasted time. (DC Power to RT99 was never disconnected). I do not look forward to THIRD time programming!

    3. Lost RECEIVE AUDIO from RT99 >TO Bluetooth? Nothing I found and tried brings it back?

    4. HOW do I get rid of that darned MAP!? It is SO very annoying.

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