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Snap Up Second Kill Promotion Price

Welcome to watch LiveStream on Facebook

by Cherry

Snap up Second Kill Promotion Price On Retevis LiveStream.

Yes, Retevis September LiveStream will come soon. Welcome to watch our LiveSteam on Retevis Facebook page. If you want to get a ham radio or business radio or outdoor radio at an affordable price, please be ready for our LiveStream. And don’t miss it.

About Promotion Price

1, The promotion price is only available during the LiveStream. When the Live Broadcast ends, the promotion price will end.

2, We will do our best to offer many discounts on different models.

Why do we do Promotion Prices on LiveStream?

As we all know, The price of walkie-talkies’ raw materials has been rising. Also with the shorage of the chip. This is true not just of walkie-talkies, but of all walks of life.

Because millions of products like cars, smartphones, walkie-talkies and more, rely on chips. But there aren’t enough chips to meet industry demands. So many products have to increase their retailing price. And some of the models had to slow or temporarily halt productions. We also have some models with temporarily halt productions like the model Retevis RT80, Ham radio RT82.

And now some of the walkie-talkie brands like Motorola and Hytera post the Notice of price increase. So It is only a matter of time before prices rise.

Despite this situation, we would like to thank our friends who have supported Retevis for a long time. We are committed to providing you with the best walkie-talkie. Optimal is not only quality but also price.

We hope to provide you with a good walkie-talkie, good after-sales also a good price. I hope everyone enjoys and can afford Retevis’ walkie-talkie. Let us Retevis radio can better help everyone’s life, work, outdoor activities and so on.

So we make this LiveStream, to offer a special discount with a limited quantity for all of you.

How many models enjoy the Second-Kill Promotion Price?

Retevis RT73, The DMR ham Mobile radio, with Mini size and GPS function, is the dual-band dual-mode Mobile radio.

Ailunce HD1, the DMR handheld ham radio, lots of features can be operated by its keypad, with GPS and Non-GPS version available.

Retevis RT52, the portable DMR ham radio, now Retevis.com with 55% discount on it, during The live Stream, we will offer another best price for it.

Retevis RT49P, the waterproof walkie-talkies, is the IP67 waterproof radio, and also it is the floating walkie-talkies. The best waterproof walkie-talkies for kayaking and other watersports activities.

And other models, if you want to get a special discount during our Livestream, please leave comments below.

What time does the Live broadcast start?

Please follow our Retevis FACEBOOK PAGE. We will post the live broadcast time when we are ready for it.


Any other questions, please feel free to leave a message below.


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