Review: What are the functions of Retevis RT90 Mobile Radio?

Review: What are the functions of Retevis RT90 Mobile Radio?

RT90 is a mobile radio in the car that you can use without having to carry a handheld and plug it into the corner and turn on the car.

1. Analog and digital mode radio, Compatible with other DMR systems:

RT90 is an analog and digital mode radio, So it is DMR transceiver digital mobile amateur radio.
It has dual band, dual standby, dual display, and dual time slot. So it is compatible with other DMR system like the Motorola radios and the TYT radios as well as the other radios.
It is quite a powerful little radio as it uses the Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) digital technology, AMBE++vocoder, can compatible with Motorola and DMR Tier I &II systems.

2. 50 Watts VHF, 45 Watts UHF (4 Settings):

The VHF frequency range is 136-174 MHZ, The UHF frequency range is 400-480MHZ.
It has up to 50 watts output power on VHF and up to 45 watts of output power on UHF.
The output power is actually split over four different settings, so you’ve got low, medium, medium high and high , you can program those to be basically selected from the front of the radio.

3. 250zones,3000 channels and 10000 contacts:

RT90 supports 250zones,3000 channels and 10000 contacts, and it supports contact import & export.
You can also set single call, group call and all call feature with this contacts in DMR mode.

4.Basic Functions:

RT90 is a digital and analog radio, it has standard with a lot of DMR radios;
①Emergency alert function
②Remote skills/Remote stun/Remote activate.
If the radio gets lost or stolen you can stun the radio or and kill the radio, so that it doesn’t work anymore .
③Single call/Group call/All call:
On digital, you can Single call, group call and all call;
④Promiscuous mode:
It’s got group match and single match and it is basically like promiscuous mode, so it will hear all groups or hear all single users,
it is similar to promiscuous mode. In fact that you can listen to multiple talk groups on the same frequency in the same color code which is handy.
⑤Record and playback function
CTCSS TONES and DCS encoding and decoding for a little bit of privacy for stopping interference.
⑦Repeater on FM(analog mode) and digital mode
⑧ Password protect function:
You can set up in the programing software

5. Large colorful LCD disply:

RT90 have quite a bright and quite a large colorful LCD disply.

6. Programmable function keys:

It also have four programmable function keys on the front. You can program it with different setting in software.

7.Can be programmed by PC:

You can download the software and upgrade the firmware on : when it is released.
You can set the priority scanning monitor, vox, time and zone settings and other functions by software.

8.DTMF Microphone :

RT90 is equipped with DTMF Microphone, which has backlit buttons. And it is plug into the front of the radio.














More About RT90 Review, you can watch on Youtube:

1 thought on “Review: What are the functions of Retevis RT90 Mobile Radio?”

  1. Retevis – RT90

    Has anyone managed to successfully select a User Activated Talk Group form the hand-microphone. With DRM-Marc, the “recommendation” is to program into the sets only Static Talk Groups and have the user select dynamic Talk Groups using User Activation?

    To date, I have not been able to find anything that describes how to do it. Questions;-

    * Can dynamic Talk Group be activated from the microphone?
    * If it can’t – is this shortcoming going to be addressed in a firmware update?

    Nick – VK3TY

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