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Retevis RA79 Wireless Cloning: Step-by-Step Guide

by Chen, Robin

Retevis RA79 is a full-band receiving ham radio, that supports all-band receiving from 50-600MHz including Aviation Band AM, 2m, and 70cm ham band, and others. It has many functions, so how to Wireless Clone? This blog will tell you.

Step 1: Power On and Enter Cloning Mode
Start by turning on the radio while holding down the PTT button and Side Key 2. Your screen should display “AIR COPY (RDY).” Ensure both the transmitting and receiving radios have the same frequency and sub-audible tone settings.

Step 2: Set the Receiving Radio
On the receiving radio, press the EXIT button to enter the receiving mode, and the display will change to “AIR COPY.” Now, on the transmitting radio, press the MENU button to initiate the writing frequency data process, and the display will also show “AIR COPY.”

Step 3: Monitor the Cloning Progress
Throughout the cloning process, keep an eye on the progress. You’ll see a display showing “RCV: XX E: XX,” where “E: XX” indicates the number of data errors encountered during copying. Once cloning is complete, the transmitting radio will display “SND: 120.”

Step 4: Finalize and Reboot
With the cloning successful, turn off both radios. Then, power them back on, and you’re all set!

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