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How POC radio RB20 work in the Security company

The POC radio RB20 works on the network as your phone, but it is suitable for commercial use, especially in a security company. This blog is based on client feedback from security companies about how POC radio RB20 work in the security company.

by Cara

We’ve talked before about what security companies do and how radios help them do their jobs. This blog will provide a relatively complete and secure communication and management system. If your business needs remote management, secure communication, and scheduling, then you must not miss the POC radio RB20.

Retevis RB20 smartphone walkie talkie

Retevis RB20 POC radio

We started by addressing the customer’s biggest question: why is POC better for patrolling than conventional radios?

POC radio RB20 work with base stations and require cellular data service, making them ideal for urban and signal coverage.

There is no distance limit, as long as the mobile phone data service coverage of the area can be called.
Private calls are difficult to monitor because all calls are made on an individual management platform, although they are operated through a cell phone base station.

Equipment and personnel management and allocation, the management platform can name and assign each device, from the company to the department, to the group, to the individual, there is a clear user structure. Very manageable.

Dispatching platform and monitoring, only one dispatcher can log in to the dispatching platform. The scheduling platform can check the track of each device, release text, voice, and picture broadcast, set the use range of the device, and establish an emergency rescue team to receive emergency information.

All information is recorded and looked up, so important information is not missed or forgotten.

Scenarios and Applications

For example, when the security company received a large activity of the security work, managers can use this part of the employees to build the new group and name for the name of the activity, that is the managers can communicate with team members, alone within the team members can communicate with each other, at the same time, the operator can set the scope of work for the workplace if something unexpected happens, staff leaves the scope, An SOS team can verify the situation and rescue efforts, and dispatchers can broadcast warnings to others.

Prospects and Development

In response to customer needs, mobile radios will be more suitable for patrol fleets and work over longer distances. If you need more, you can Email us at support@retevis.com or leave us a comment on Facebook.

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