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How to connect your phone with your RT99 mobile radio

RT99 mobile radio can set up, communicate, and trace on your phone, both Andriod and iPhone.

by Cara

If you are interested in the RT99 mobile radio on your vehicles, you would like to know more about this radio and the operation instruction. Follow us and subscribe to get the most out of your radio.

Please follow these 4 steps to connect your RT99 mobile radio with your phone.

  1. Where to download the phone App? If you have an Andriod app, you can download the app on our website. If you are an iPhone user, you can search ‘BS HT’ in your Apple Store. Or you can scan the QR code below(Android only).RT99 QR code
  2. Then, you can turn on your Bluetooth, register an account and pair your radio. Please choose a walkie-talkie from the list.
  3. Then, you should be in pairing mode to create the connection. Connect your radio with the antenna first, press the power on button for 3 sec to turn on the radio, and double-click the power on button, you will hear a prompt and the light turns red and green. It means your radio is ready to pair.
  4. Next, look at your phone, it will scan a new device that is ready to connect, you can click ‘Yes’ to connect your radio. Please note, that if you do not see the Bluetooth pairing request, you can check your menu and notification.

How to connect a Bluetooth PTT and a Bluetooth Mic?

  1. After installing the antenna on your RT99 mobile radio, double-click the power on button, it will prompt and flash red and green to enter the pairing mode. Long press the Bluetooth PTT until it flashes red and green.
  2. To connect with your Bluetooth Mic. The same process with your Bluetooth PTT.

How to fix the frequency?

  1. Open your App, and enter your RT99 radio tab, like this, you can long-press the channel to activate the channel edition function.RT99 app display
  2. Then, you can edit the frequency. If you want to fix more parameters, you can click more to fix the channel name, tones, power, w/n band, etc.
  3. If you want to set up the zone. You can click the setting icon, and choose channel and zone. Next, you can edit the information about your zone and zone channel. After setting, it will update to your radio.

Retevis Bluetooth App controlled Mobile radio RT99

Did you learn? If you have any questions about the operation on RT99. Please leave it in the comment area, we will do more instructions to help you operate your radio as well.

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