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How to build a connection in underground shelters?

Two-way radio can break the limitation of shelter space to connect to outside, FM radio and electromagnetic wave can receive information from everywhere.

by Cara

When we have to use shelter, the outside world will be chaotic and dangerous. One of the hardest things to accept is the aimless waiting. So we will get as much information and communication as possible. Cell phone service will be extremely vulnerable, and the only thing we need as preppers are radios. This is a guide on how to build a connection in underground shelters for beginners.

Radio is not the most important, but it will be the best.

Here is the frequency range of emergency services.


If you do not have a license to operate a licensed radio normally, you can have a license-free radio like RT45P and RB27B radio.

But in an SHTF situation, the licensed radio is required to use by everyone, so, it is better to have a license to operate the functional ham radio. The ham radio is more complex than license-free radio, so you have to spend some time practicing and trying to talk to others via a long antenna and repeaters.

Why ham radio is the best choice for Prepper?

Ham radio is the only one to listen and talk to your local emergency service. License to the NOAA emergency channel and other emergency FM channels is necessary to get information. The handheld radio is portable for you, you can put it in your pocket, wear it on your belt, or even hang it on your wrist. And also, you can find the local emergency frequency channel and write it on your radio, then, you can receive and call for help quickly and easily. But you cannot do it on other kinds of radios.

A wide frequency band than other radio. If you prefer a CB radio, it will be closed in there because every CB operator is working between 26MHz to 27MHz. But you can work on the UHF and VHF on ham radio. In an emergency, you can use your ham radio to talk to FRS radios, GMRS radios, MURS radios, and PMR446 radios, but you cannot program your frequency on an FRS radio.

The further range on ham radio. TX power is an important factor in the effect of the range. Higher the power, the further the range. But it’s not absolute, the antenna size and quality, the antenna elevation, urban or county, UHF or VHF, weather, and terrain can affect the range. So, if you are in an open background area, you can talk further than in an urban.

HF frequency range is the best frequency band in an important SHTF emergency activity. Because HF radio can reach some hundred miles easily by itself.

High power. The power of handheld ham radios is around 5W, and the ham radio station can reach 1500W.

Basic ham radios and repeaters are:

So, if you are a beginner to operate a ham radio, the RT5 and RA685 are suitable for you.

RT5 ham radio for Prepper

RT5 ham radio

RA685 ham radio

They are not too difficult for beginners. So you can practice how to communicate with other Preppers and receive the FM broadcast from your local emergency services. Otherwise, you can connect to a repeater for expended distance, the RT97 repeater is a hot deal, it can help you build a frequent channel to others.

RT97 repeater is also a portable repeater, so you can install it under the roof, and fix the antenna on the roof or a pole. Then, you can operate your radio in the shelter for a longer range.



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