New Bluetooth EHN007 earmuff to protect your hearing

Earmuff is a good hearing protection gear. It is usually made of sponges and foam and has excellent noise insulation. Many people use earmuffs to protect their hearing in construction, shooting, bars, clubs, and racing. And if you would like to work or learn in a quiet environment, an earmuff is required.

Excellent Features

The adjustable headband increases wearing comfort and reduces the pressure caused by the earmuffs.

NRR 24dB/ SNR 29dB noise reduction grade, effectively protect the hearing of the shooting crowd.

Bluetooth function. Bluetooth transmission distance of 10 meters, can be connected to mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices. You won’t miss important calls with these earmuffs.

Electronic pickup noise reduction function. When the external sound exceeds 82dB, the monitoring will be automatically cut off, and the noise reduction ability of the ear muffs will protect the hearing.

Working hours. The charging time is four hours, but the working time is 40 hours. The built-in rechargeable battery is more convenient to use.

How to operate the earmuff?

Electronic pickup noise reduction function. The pickup function can be turned on or off through the knob on the earmuffs, and the sound can be adjusted.

Bluetooth function. Hold down the on key for 3 seconds. You can hear the prompt tone. Repeat can be disconnected. The earmuffs device’s name is EHN007.

Hold down two volume keys simultaneously to clear the pairing list.
Double-click the Play button to dial the last dialled number again and cancel the play button.

Long press Volume + or Volume – to play the next or previous song.

Hold down the On button for 6 seconds or the Play button for 3 seconds to disconnect the Bluetooth connection. After the headset is disconnected, the headset cannot be automatically connected upon startup.

Long press the Play button for 2 seconds to reject incoming calls.

What do you think of this new earmuff EHN007?

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