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Your safety, RM40 will guard

by Cara

35 years old good swimmer Neil Agius spent 52 hours swam from Linosa, Italy back to Malta. No stop and no support. Amazing stamina and physical strength. However, if you are not a good swimmer like Neil Afius, it is a dangerous sport. To be safe and get help quickly, you need a waterproof Marine radio to help you. RM40 will guard your safety.

The functional keypad and big buttons can help you using the function quickly in emergency times or conditions. And you can press the red button to call the emergency channel to get help;

IP67, the highest waterproof radio level can support RM40 work well in 1-meter depth water, and the super corrosion resistance can work long-term on the ocean.

A sturdy back clip will help the radio stay in place, and you can easily find it and use it.

Although it has the highest waterproof rating, the water is permeable, so the vibration drainage function for your walkie-talkie added a layer of protection.

Do you think it can only be used in emergencies? Nonono, you can also use it when you are fishing, boarding, surfing, and other water sports. You can talk to your friends or families when you’re on the water and on the beach, even you’re in the sky.

Do you want to know more about Marine radios? RM40 is our new marine radio, but we have other different marine radios for you.

RA26 Waterproof IP67 Marine Handheld VHF Radio

RT55 Floating IP67 VHF Marine Radio

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