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Your best choice for Long Range Walkie Talkies

by Cherry

Long Range Walkie-talkies are my ideal radios. I want the long-range walkie-talkies with 30 miles……

Lots of customers have these requirements on two-way radios. Someone even wants to get the radios within 100 miles range. If you know something about the walkie-talkies,  you will know if you can find the walkie-talkies within 100 miles or even more.

What is the real communication range of a walkie-talkie?

For simple VHF or UHF band walkie-talkies, all have limited output wattage. For license-free radio like FRS radio or PMR446 band radio, the output power will be less than 2W or 0.5w.  So do you think the 2W or 0.5w radios can reach 100 miles?

And think about the terrain we use radios, in cities with high buildings or outdoor with hills. These factors will interfere with the radio’s signal too.

For example, if you use a License-free Radio in a big city such as NYC. there will be numerous signals being transmitted, these may interfere with or even interrupt communication.

So for simple walkie-talkies, reaching 100 miles is impossible.

So how to choose a long-range walkie-talkie?

The most important factor is output power Regardless of the terrain.

If you want to choose a long-range walkie-talkie, you need to check the output power.  The more power, the farther the communication distance.

Here we suggest you the Retevis RT29. It is a high-power Long-range Walkie Talkie.  And it is the single-band UHF or VHF band business radio.


How Long this Retevis RT29 can reach?

There is a lot of feedback about the users who owned RT29. You may check or google Retevis RT29. You will get real feedback.

Dana R. Skvarek:  I’ve tried a lot of radios, and so far Retevis RT29 is the best. About a 10-mile range in a rural setting,
ConfederateYou might be loud and clear eight miles away are excellent. These are using UHF HTs, which I recommend over VHF.
J. David Cox: Firstly, the Retevis radio (mine is RT29) is very, very good. Way better than Motorola. I live on a remote island and need to connect to home and other boats. This looks good
John M: I purchased this radio as a backup radio for EMS use. I have been able to call back to our dispatch from 5 miles away without issue (175ft tower at base). For the price of this radio, it is worth a try. I have used it every day since receiving it and it has been problem-free.
Robert Sites: The RT29 is very durable, has professional sound quality, and long battery life. It is very easy to program. I have several UHF and a VHF RT29s. This model is comparable to radios that cost three and four times as much as the Retevis RT29. I have tested these in large buildings and outside. Retevis has built a winner with the RT29!! It will work well in pretty much any environment. If you have a business, this is the radio you need to buy.
If you are looking for long-range walkie-talkies, why not consider Retevis RT29?

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