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You want to know—Highlights of Retevis GMRS RT76P

by retevis

Retevis GMRS RT76P giveaway activity is underway.

Many people understand that RT76P is a portable walkie-talkie with complete functions. Such as single call, group call, all call functions, NOAA and frequency conversion functions.

Retevis GMRS RT76P

Today, we are going to introduce the highlights of Retevis GMRS RT76P.

Advantages of GMRS
GMRS is a frequency dedicated to users in the United States. With the GMRS frequency, you can get the right to use it without an application for assessment. Moreover, you only need to pay a small fee and the whole family can get the right to use it. This is very convenient and easy to use.

Power up to 5W
High power can not only extend the communication distance, but also improve the communication quality. Generally, the power of walkie-talkies is about 2W, and RT76P can reach 5W. This is a major highlight and advantage.

Support UV frequency simultaneous reception
RT76P can support UHF and VHF receiving frequencies at the same time to improve call efficiency.

Retevis GMRS radio

In addition, the RT76P has a communication distance of up to 2.6 kilometers, and its usage scenarios are more extensive, such as farms and golf courses. At the same time, it is suitable for outdoor exploration and mountaineering. Of course, individual commercial and utility maintenance workers can also use it easily.

If you want to know more about RT76P, please click the link:https://www.retevis.com/ or leave a message below.

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