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How to write the frequency?

by retevis

When i got radios in hand, but i want to write the frequency as i like, how to do it? Let’s take an example of RT5 & RT5R & RT5RV to get started!

Step 1. You have to get one programming cable in hand.


Step 2:  pls log in https://www.retevis.com/programming_software to download“NEW USB DRIVER” and “RT5 & RT5R & RT5RV”

 First, Install our “USB driver” , Then install our “programming software”.
Step 3.Pls connect your radio with the cable to your pc.
First, Make sure you got the right cable. second, pls keep the plug connect radio tight. Finally, after everything is set, turn on your radio.
Step 4.Let’s start to write the frequency.
First,pls read the frequency of your radios. if there is wrong codes occurs, pls try to select “ENGLISH”,not “CHINESE”.
Second,write the frequency as you like.
Finally, save the frequency.
Is it ok now? more questions, pls feedback it to us- kam@retevis.com

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