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Which Compaies Need to Patrol Function Radios

by James

A clear definition of the patrol function enables officers to know what actions are in concert with security insurance policy and thus facilitates the delivery of services to the community. If you have a patrol division, the manager should make sure the staff works accomplished.

Retevis RT28P Patrol Function FRS Alarm 16CH Walkie Talkie is Retevis’ new model radios, which can meet the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises.

RT28P patrol function walkie talkie

Guard Patrol System indiction:

  • Patrol personnel goes to the patrol routine and read the checkpoint along the way with the patrol radio.
  • The patrol radio can automatically record the time on the checkpoint.
  • After the radio is connected to a PC via USB cable, collect the data from radios into the management software.

Patrol Function Radio is suitable for the following job scenario:

  1. Nurses’ round, personnel assessment.
  2. Coal mine underground safety, underground facilities, vehicles, coal yard inspection patrol
  3. Campus, library, dormitory and teaching building patrol.
  4. Fire prevention, anti-theft, security inspection of residential areas, shopping malls, supermarket and hotels.

If you want to know more details about RT28P, please browse this passage: Guard Patrol System License-free Radio RT28P

If you have any question about that, please leave messages or email us: Partner@retevis.com

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