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Which radio can ship from your local warehouses?

Here are some stock in our EU and US warehouse. Limited quantity and the best price for you.

by Cara

Are you worried about the import duty and customs clearance? Have you ever paid duties on imported products? Have your packages ever been lost in transit? All problems will disappear with local warehouse shipments. So, some radios can ship from your local warehouses if you order now. And in this blog, I can list the radio models and quantities in our EU and US warehouses.

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In the Germany warehouse, you can order:

RT82 DMR ham radio with the programming cable. There are only 6 left radios in the Germany warehouse, if you are living in the European Union countries, order now! The link is https://bit.ly/3rQjgnk Click it and leave a note on your order.

RT649 license-free radio. It works on the PMR446 frequency band, and everyone can use it for short-distance but frequent communications. If you are an outdoor adventurer, it is a good radio for you or your group.

H777Plus license-free radio for your businesses. It is a comment radio that can be used in different scenarios, like restaurants, malls, and hotels. The quantity is enough for your commercial.

Here is a licensed radio RT7. It works on the UHF frequency band from 400-470MHz. It is covered with Innovative fashion stitching color, the coating surface makes it bright. Lightweight and thin body design, which meets the ergonomic design, and makes the hand more comfortable for grip.

In the US warehouse, these radios and accessories can ship to you:

RT72 DMR ham radio with the programming cable. There are 42 radios in stock. So, please check the introduction of the radio and order on our website.

H777 Li-ion spare battery. The battery capacity is 1000nAh, so you can order some spare batteries for replacement. The quantity is about 50pcs, so if you need it, please order now.

RT1 li-ion spare battery. The original battery with a large capacity, 3000mAh. So, you can use it for your RT1 UHF radios.

Are you an adventurer or outdoor lover? The RT49B radio is suitable for outdoor use. It is a license-free radio with a white shell and functional buttons, so you can activate the functions quickly.

So, these are not all of our stock in your local warehouse. If you need other radios and accessories, please follow and chat with us on Facebook. Or you can also leave your questions or needs in the comments, we will reply to you quickly.



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