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When were walkie talkies invented?

by Lucy

When were walkie talkies invented?

What is a walkie-talkie?

The walkie-talkie is a two-way communication tool. You can use it to make calls without any network, and there is no cost. It is suitable for relatively fixed and frequent calls.

The development of walkie-talkie:

As early as the 1930s, the two-way walkie-talkie has been applied and is the earliest radio communication device used by humans. It was first used in the military. During World War II, it was relatively bulky, inconvenient to carry, and had short communication distances. It can not meet the needs of use at that time. In the latter part of World War II, radio began to enter the commercial field. With the development of technology, the walkie-talkie has become more and more accurate to restore the signal, the communication quality has been improved, the call distance has increased, and more and more special functions have been designed for various ways.

Now, the application of walkie-talkies has been very extensive. Whether it is used for commercial users in transportation, construction, manufacturing, schools, or individual users in various social groups, walkie-talkies are widely used.

The walkie-talkie can be used without a wireless network to ensure communication security, and it is cheaper and will not incur additional costs. It is the best choice for frequent calls and fixed-place calls.

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