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What walkie talkie for cherry processing company

by Lewis

What walkie talkie for cherry processing company, it should depend on the scale of the cherry processing company,
if It’s a big cherry processing company, the walkie talkie can achieve more wideth coverage required

walkie talkie for cherry processing company

Small cherry processing company

When you have a small cherry processing company,you can consider a economic and low power walkie talkie to try
Like RT21, RT22, Both are FRS licese-free walkie talkie, if this solution can meet you, it’s the best, you can save money based on requirement

FRS licene-free walkie talkie

Big cherry processing company

When the cherry processing company is very big scale, obviously, the first solution can’t meet your requirement
At this time, you can consider to choose a higher walkie talkie to make signal coverage, like RT29 and RT86
Bothe are high power output walkie talkie, sure, the coverage is farther, In this instituation, this solution is the best

High power walkie talkie

However, if you have a lot of workers,every person needs one walkie talkie, the cost is very high
On one hand, you want to save money, the other hand, the walkie talkie can meet requrirement, you wonder if there is a solution
The answer is yes, You can choose the FRS licese-free walkie talkie, then choose a RT97 repeater to work with togother
The solution is more economic than buy higher walkie talkie, so this solution is also the best for a big cherry processing company
If you’re using this solotion, there is an article for reference how to make walkie talkie connects the RT97 repeater

How to make RT7 connect RT97 repeater

Retevis repeater

If you faced with this issue how to choose a walkie talkie for your application scenarios, welcome to email, partner@retevis.com

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