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What radio do engineers use?

As we know, two-way radios are widely used in industry, so what kind of radios are suitable for your engineers?

by Cara

Many engineers and technicians are ham radio operators, and they need radios to talk with other colleagues. But we all know the ham radio is expensive. So businesses cannot purchase the ham radio for all engineers and technicians as well. So, the DMR licensed radio is perfect for businesses.


  • If you want to have a clearer call, the digital radio is perfect for business, the digital logic can provide a complete and laud call for every user.
  • For companies, using digital radios requires a frequency license from the FCC and typically works in the UHF band. Therefore, a UHF radio can best meet the needs of the enterprise.
  • Licensed digital radios have more contact lists and can record more frequencies and contacts. Based on this feature, if you want to set up a communications team, be sure to choose a licensed digital radio. One-to-one calls, one-to-many calls, and broadcast announcements are all possible on digital radio.
  • Digital radio can achieve more functions, dual time slots can use frequency more efficiently. Remote skill and stun function protect your radio and calls from being stolen. Digital encryption is a feature of digital radio, which protects your communication security to the greatest extent.
  • More importantly, Digital radio is more affordable than ham radio. For example, in our recent transaction with an American school, they need to buy 20 digital radios RT81 for administrative staff to use. Our quotation is much lower than the official website price, so after the next day’s communication, the purchasing person of the school immediately paid the money.
Rt81 walkie talkie

DMR technology and non-slip effect etc new materials design offers amazingly clear loud full quieting digital voice communication and long using life;

Therefore, licensed digital radio is the best choice for commercial use. We are committed to providing the most convenient communication solutions for every business. And if you see someone asked What radio do engineers use? You can share the blog with them.

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