What is the difference between RT97 and RT9550?

What is the difference between RT97 and RT9550D?

Retevis have two different types of the repeater, the one is analog, the other is DMR repeater.

Two typical repeaters are RT97 and RT9550D.

RT97 is an analog model, RT9550D is the DMR repeater.


What is the difference between analog repeater and DMR repeater?

For Analog repeater:

It just can connect with analog channels frequency.

You can connect the analog walkie talkie, such as receives rt22,rt24,rt27, rt16,rt18 and so on.

You also can connect the DMR walkie talkie, but just support analog mode.

For example, Retevis DMR radio RT81, if you want to connect rt81 with rt97, you need to choose the analog channel,  as the picture as below:

If you choose the channel type is Digital CH, That will not work.

For DMR repeater:

DMR repeater supports double time slots, a group of frequencies can be called two channels at the same time;

It supports for multiple calling modes, including single call, group call and group call, which is impossible for an analog repeater.

And DMR repeater can connect the walkie talkie whether it is analog or is DMR two way radio.

When you use analog walkie talkie, you need to choose an analog format in the repeater.

If you use DMR two way radio, you need to use the DMR format in repeater.

What is the different between RT97 and RT9550?

  1. Essential information:
ModelFeaturesSupport connectionWeightOutput
RT97Portable RepeaterJust Analog mode1.66kg10w
RT9550IP Network DMR RepeaterDigital/Analog mode12.1 kg1-50 watts adjustable.



  1. About the Customization:

Both RT97 and RT9550 can be customized:

RT97 customization requires:

1, The frequency range UHF: 400-470MHz or VHF: 136-174MHz;

2, Offset can choose from 5mhz to 10mhz.

3, If you want the offset lower than 5mhz, please contact with us first.

More details, please visit: https://www.retevis.com/rt97-portable-repeater-power-amplifier-uhf

RT9550 customization requires:

1, The center frequency point:

Can receive custom frequency range from 136-174MHz 400-470MHz;

2,Frequency Offset:

According to the frequency point provided by the customer, determine whether it can be customized.

UHF(400-470MHz): Can Customizable offset: 10MHz.

VHF(136-174MHz): Can Customizable offset: 5.7MHz or 10MHz.

3, If you want the other offset, please contact with us first.

More about RT9550, you can check: https://www.retevis.com/retevis-rt-9550-dmr-repeater-digital-analog-mode

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