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What is the best radio for surfing?

If you are a surfer or a surf instructor, you have to have a walkie talkie for talking and rescuing. Here is the best radio for surfing.

by Cara

The surfing, boarding, diving, and other water sports season is coming. So, it is time to prepare and renew your gears to enjoy the wonderful season and water sports. An IP67 waterproof radio is necessary for everyone. What is the best radio for surfing, boarding, and diving?

IP67 waterproof radio. It is the highest level of waterproof radio, and it means the radio can work in 1-meter depth water for half-hour as normal. So, this function is the most important for people.

Floating radio. Your radio will sink when it falls into the river and ponds. So the floating function can avoid the loss in the water.

Emergency alert. Water sports are often dangerous, so you need an emergency alarm function. The independent alarm button can be pressed quickly and an alarm sound will be sounded to attract the attention of rescuers.

NOAA weather alert. Bad weather creates more danger for surfers. So, an NOAA weather alert function can receive an alert that the weather changes immediately.

The suited size. One of our customers said, they need an around 20inch length radio for their surfing school, and the best length is 18 inches, so we recommend RT647 radio.

In sum, if you need the best radio for surfing, the Retevis RT49P/RT649P is preferred for you.


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