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What is the best radio for automotive repair shops

by Lewis

Normally when the environment is noise surround, like automotive repair shops, you need to consider which one is the best radio for automotive repair shops

The requirement is from my one of customers, he has two questions below

A. What is the best radio for automotive repair shops

RB85 is a UHF intelligent noise reduction long-distance Business Radio

It’s very suitable for the automotive repair shops, so I firstly advise that the client choose RB85 radio


radio for automotive repair shops

At first, the client is not sure if the recommended RB85 can meet him, so he firstly order 2 pieces samples to test, he receive the sample fastly as I ship goods from the US warehouse

After the test, RB85 is no problem to use, he would like to order more radios and batteries, this is success an example to recommend the best radio based on the actual application scenarios

B. How to make RB85 work with RT22

He has some RT22 radios, but RT22 can’t stop the noise, he wants to go on using RT22, and let RT22 work RB85 together.

RT22 is an FRS license-free radio with 16 channels, he only needs to reprogramme RB85 by software to change the same frequency and CTCSS/DCS as RT22

Retevis RB85 radio

After done, RT22 can work RB85 together

Please download and install the USB driver and software for RB85 by this link below


Retevis RT22 radio

Sure, he can change successfully by RB85 software, if not, I will follow him questions to support

If you’re working in the noise surround, please believe me RB85 is the best option
If you have different application scenarios, it’s hard to find the best radio, please email to me, partner@retevis.com

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