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what does vox mean on the radio?

by Laura Zheng

what does vox mean on the radio?

As the most basic and common function , you can find the VOX function in the introduction list of most walkie-talkies at present. Such as retevis RT22 (license-free radio), RT29(long range radio) and so on.

But what does vox mean on the radio? And how does it work ?  Let’s go to see!

1. Principle:

When  activating  the VOX function, it is not necessary to press the PTT button, and the transmission operation can be started directly through the voice;
After it is turned on, when the sound pressure of speaking into the microphone reaches the set requirements, it will automatically transmit.


①Vox has gain level adjustment. Generally speaking, the higher the voice control level, the less sensitive it is. At this time, a loud sound is required to wake up.
②When the level is relatively low, the voice control is more sensitive, and it does not need to be loud to wake up the vox.
③But different models of walkie-talkies have different sensitivities corresponding to the vox. For example, the higher the RT29 vox level, the more sensitive it is. And the lower the level, the more loud it needs to wake up.
④It is recommended that the mouth be close to the microphone 2.5cm-5cm when speaking


RT22 is a license-free walkie-talkie, the frequency and power are fixed, and it can use directly without programming. RT22 has a shortcut key combination, you can turn on the VOX without writing frequency software.
Steps:  Turn to channel 7, turn it off, then press CH+ON again, you can hear the vox on or off. If you plug in the Kenwood Dual Needle Headphones, you can talk directly without pressing the PTT on the walkie-talkie.

But there are other situations, such as RT29: VOX needs to be turned on in the software first, and then plug in headphones, VOX will work.

If you are going to be in a noisy environment, this is something we would suggest you use so you do not miss out on any important transmissions. Earpieces often help to cancel out more background noise, which will help the microphone pick up your voice.


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