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Waterproof VHF Marine Radio-Retevis RM40

by Wendy

If you are a owner of fishing boats or cargo ships , a RM40 handheld waterproof VHF marine radio is not only an important real-time commnuication tool but also a security guarantee that could save your and your fellows life.

DSC Function

Distress call button

Distress call button

The mobile phones can only communicate one-to-one not accommodate everyone at the same time. In case of danger, using a mobile phone to make a phone call would be a waste of time, whereas RM40 has a distress button which can make a emergency rescue call immediately. The bulit-in disgital selective call DSC function can achieve all kinds of DSC call including distress call. A distress call can be transmitted in the opinion of needs while the ship is in distress and require immediate assistance. Furthermore, the radio can store up to 50 distress message and 50 other message. They can be used as supplement.

Waterproof and Floating Function

Super waterproof performance of RM40 marine radio

Waterproof VHF Marine Radio

We can not use mobile phones to communicate when working on the sea because they are not waterproof. If  they  fall into the water, they will not work at all that will also cost a lot of money to repair. Therefore, you need a waterproof two way radio like RM40 marine radio. Retevis RM40 VHF marine radio not only reaches to IP67 waterproof construction, but also has floating function and vibration draining function. Once your RM40 falls into the water, it will quickly float on the water surface and give a light-emitting alarm.

GPS Track and Locate

If your ship venture a long way from the coast, then mobile phones are basically no signal to turn on the GPS when on the sea. RM40 comes with a high-accuracy GPS antenna allows your ship to navigate from its current position to a specified location, including MOB and waypoint positions.

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