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Walkie Talkie Earpiece for Retevis Kenwood  

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Walkie talkie  earpiece that suit for Retevis Kenwood PUXING Baofeng.They have different features and suit for different needs.

  2 Pin earpieces for Retevis Kenwood

1.2 Pin PTT Mic Covert Acoustic Tube Walkie Talkie Earpiece

Walkie talkie  earpiece : 2 pin acoustic tube earpiece: the transparent tube connecting the ear bud makes you look like a secret service agent or a body guard and protects your health from radio electromagnetic wave radiation.The earpiece fits snugly in your ear easily which keeps your conversations private,for example: ASIN:B00MHPCXG0   SKU:C9003A

Excellent for use in police military nightclubs bars paintball security restaurants and noisy environments

2. 2 Pin  C-type Earhook Walkie Talkie Earpiece

C-type earhook earpiece- 2 pin earpieces- retevis

Single wire earpiece with kevlar reinforced cable;more durable and don’t entangle

  • type earhookearpiececomfortable to wear for long time work,

for example:ASIN:B0721JLWNZ,SKU:J9118A

They are suitable for engaged in retailing entertainment hospitality food service and community management industries

3. 2 Pin D Shape Earpiece with Mic PTT  for Walkie Talkie

D shape earpiece is comfortable hygienic and lightweight;Works on right or left ear, for example B0142DP0DM ,SKU:C9031A

PU wire cable for greater durability and clearly transmit voice in extreme noise situations

4. 2 Pin G Shape Walkie Talkie  earpiece

G Shape earpiece, like  ASIN: B018LR6NNQ  SKU: C9037A  360°stainless with PTT allows you clip it on collar or anywhere close to mouth to transmit for hands free calls

5. 2 Pin Throat Mic Flexible Covert Walkie Talkie Earpiece

Flexible throat mic can be adjusted the size depends on your neck; It’s comfortable and tight for day wearing, for example:ASIN: B010M3H0CK SKU C9026A

6.Noise cancelling walkie talkie headset

Noise cancelling walkie talkie headset with mic  (ASIN: B07GKVB8VW ,SKU:C9067A )designed with 2 layers of professional noise dampening foam to protect you from work-related hearing loss; ideal for engineer of manufacturing; technician of processing industry; construction teams; airport staff; racing teams and more

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