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Unusual 10W IP67 DMR GPS UHF RT83 two way radio

by Lewis

Why RT83 radio occur in Retevis product system because not only RT83 is DMR GPS radio, but also it’s max power 10W IP67 waterproof radio, at the same time, RT83 meet with a lot of customers need. RT83 is a unusual 10W IP67 DMR GPS UHF RT83 two way radio because it has different features with other DMR radios, let us see what’s different features together

Main features

1.Retevis RT83 with digital and analogue mode two way radio.

2.Using TDMA technology, designed with Tier II,AMBE++ vocoder, compatible with mototrbo etc.

3.DMR two way radio.

4.IP67 waterproof and dust-proof function allow you use them anywhere without worrying the surrounding environment.

5.The color display allows the user to check at a glance on operating status, including battery level, and caller identity etc.

A.10W IP67 RT83 is different of RT3 radio

RT3 has UHF band DMR radio, same with GPS function, but the power of RT3 only 5W, however, RT83 is 10W with IP67 waterproof and dust-proof features, which decide RT83 has more advantages than RT3, the price is also comparative

Retevis RT83B.10W RT83 is different of dual band RT82 DMR radio

Even if RT82 is dual band DMR radio with GPS function, but the max power is 5W, not reach 10W like RT83 for farther distance communication. In additional, the price of RT82 beyond RT83.

Retevis RT83C.DMR radio RT83 is different of analog radio RT29

As RT29 is 10W UHF/VHF IP67 analog radio, however, RT83 is 10W UHF IP67 DMR radio with digital/analog mode. When you choose a big power UHF DMR radio, i think RT83 is best choice.

Retevis RT83If you would know more RT83, please download RT83 programming software and manual by this link: https://www.retevis.com/resources-center

By introductions above, do you have more know about 10W IP67 DMR GPS UHF RT83 two way radio, if you interest in it, please feel free to contact us by email, vip@retevis.com

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