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Ultra-Long Standby GMRS Radio RB19P For Business Use

by Wendy

GMRS radio is more and more popular with businessmen. Because GMRS not only allows an increase in range and reception, but also allows better clarity at further distances. If you have already obtained the GMRS licence, I highly recommend this ultra-long standby GMRS radio RB19P

High-end Appearance

Ultra-Long Standby GMRS Radio RB19P

Ultra-Long Standby GMRS Radio RB19P

RB19P is an ultra-thin GMRS radio with 1.7 inch TFT color screen.  Its color is blue, which is businessmen’s favourite colour. It has a UV lacquer coating, which creates a glossy protective film resistant to the harmful effects of light and to scratches.

NOAA Weather Channels 

With 11 NOAA weather channels,  it broadcasts warning and post-event information for all types of hazards.  When you turn on NOAA function,  you will receive comprehensive weather and emergency information.

Ultra-long Standby

Our technicians have tested it that its standby times up to 140 hours. Not only because its battery capacity up to 2000mAh , but also because of power-saving function. If there is no signal or operation,the radio will reduce its power consumption.  When the channel is unoccupied or has not been in operation, the battery power-saving function will be activated.

Local and Remote Alarm

This radio supports local and remote alarm. By turning on this function, your radio will send emergency alarm and will trigger on another radio.

Low Battery Warning

If the battery power falls to the predetermined value during transmission,the transceiver will give out a voice prompt.

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