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Two Way Radios for Tractors in the Farm

by Wendy

Tractors are a big part of farm life. They are used to help with a variety of tasks including plowing, planting, and harvesting. Two way radios for tractors are a vital part of farm life as well. They are used to communicate between the tractor and the farmer. Two way radios help the farmer to stay organized and efficient. The daily life on a farm using two way radios for tractors is like this.

Retevis RT67 two way radios for tractors

Retevis RT67 two way radios for tractors

The sound of the tractor echoes in the early morning silence as John climbs up into the cab. He settles into his seat and turns on the Retevis RT67 FRS Radio, static crackling out of the speaker.

He grabs the mic and clicks the button, ‘Morning, Mack.’

Mack’s voice comes back over the radio, ‘Morning, John. You all set?’

‘Yup, just about to head out.’

‘Alright, I’ll be out in the east field. Let me know if you need anything.’

John nods even though Mack can’t see him and clicks the radio off. He puts it down and grabs the steering wheel, backing the tractor out of the barn. He drives out into the field, the sun just starting to peek over the horizon.

The day passes by in a blur of work as John moves from one task to the next. He keeps an eye on the clock, though, as he knows Mack will be checking in on him throughout the day. Sure enough, right on schedule, Mack’s voice comes over the radio.

‘John, you doing alright over there?’

‘Yeah, I’m good. Just about finished up with this field.’

‘Alright, head on over to the south field and I’ll meet you there.’

John clicks the radio off and puts it down. He climbs down from the tractor and stretches his back, looking out over the field he’s just finished. He’ll miss the peace of the early mornings out here, but he knows it’s time to move on. He climbs back into the tractor and drives off towards the south field.

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