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Two Way Radios for Hotel

by Lisa Zhao

Two way radios are a main communication tools among service people in Hotels. It make work more convenient and with high efficiency. Today we introduce you some two way radios for hotel.

Hotels usually have more than one department, so if you want to have clear distinguish between different apartments, you can use digital radios, they can help you make different group for group call.

Such as RT81P: It is a waterproof, digital radios, long talking distance, a professional business radios for hotels.

The next one, we recommend you an economic two way radios for hotel:  RT22 

This one is small and light weight, clear and loud voice, can use for waiter in dining room


If your hotel cover a large areas, and you want to use the radios to talk as longer range as they can ,w e suggest you can use a repeater to use with the handheld radios, it will expand the two way radios  coverage.

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