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Two Way Radios for Farms We Recommended

by Wendy

It’s late September, for every farmers, busy harvest season has arrived. Regardless of the size of the farm, using two way radios will greatly increase convenience. What two way radios for farms we recommended? Read on!

Why use two way radios in the farms?

The main reason is two way radios are convenient and quick to report the harvesting progress every day. The second reason is that many agricultural facilities are relatively large and prone to accidents. If there is no phone signal, in remote places, it is difficult for others to know that people need rescue. When a fire hazard occurs, if there are two ways radios, you can listen to it at the first time, and inspection vehicles, fire trucks, and police vehicles can arrive at the accident site in the shortest time. In the event of an emergency such as an animal injury, the rescue can also be quickly notified. To sum up, the role of two way radios in farm cannot be underestimated.

Which farm radio we recommend?

For people use tractors in the farm, I will recommend one mini mobile radio for you, RT98. RT98 is a mini mobile radio for vehicles. Its max power up to 15W, with VHF band 136-174MHz or UHF band 400-470MHz. It also has FreeNet version, which is for German radio standard. It only weighs 434g and its dimension is 100*106*24mm. Its compact and mini body is smaller than my palm, even smaller than a one-dollar bill. So it will not take up too much space to install.

Two Way Radios for Farms We Recommended RT98

Two Way Radios for Farms We Recommended RT98

What are features of RT98?

RT98 has 3 power levels. The High power is 15W, Middle power is 10W and Low Power is 5W. You can adjust power according to your needs. Depending on factors, such as power, terrain, obstacles, RT98 has a range of 3 miles to 6 miles. It has 1-16 levels of mic gain to greatly improve the sensitivity of the mic.199 programmable memorized channels can be identified by editing names. Various scan functions include CTCSS/DCS Scan function. Band-width can be selected, 25K for wide band, and 12.5K for narrow band. RT98 has a special APO function; The APO stands for Auto Power-off Mode. Once APO function is activated, when the preset timer runs to the end, radio will be automatically switched off. The preset timer can be set from 30 -120 mins.

Here is a guide about how to get started with RT98 mobile radio:

We also offer the free software and driver of RT98 on the website. They are free to be downloaded. Before you program RT98 on computer, please check you use the correct programing cable. Here is a guide of programming. Besides software, RT98 is also supported by chirp, which will make programming easier.

What customers say about RT98

Some users also say that RT98 is reliable and has impressive performance, especially when used during harvest season. It is a very handy communication gear for agricultural needs. There are comments on how good the quality is, which is something expected. Most users are satisfied with RT98’s performance. And a lot believe that sound quality and clarity are good. Besides RT98, there are also many other retevis mobile radios such as RB86, RA25 and RT99, which have higher watts than RT98. Check out our website, you will find more good radios.

Thank you for reading this blog! If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. We are looking forward to your comments!


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