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Put a two-way radio in your outdoor backpack

As the weather gets warmer, more and more people are going out hiking, climbing, camping, and more outdoor sports.

by Cara

Have you started preparing for a new journey in the warm spring weather? Outdoor walkie-talkies are very important in your team. They can be used to talk between vehicles, communicate with team members, or communicate with the local rescue team.

Why do we use an outdoor two-way radio on your trip?

If you climb a mountain, you will lose your cell phone service. But if you want to talk to others around you, the outdoor two-way radio is a good choice. And two-way radio is a durable and cost-effective wireless communication tool that is easy to use. And FRS radios or licensed radios are always used outdoors.

What functions do you need on the outdoor radios?

Radio types

You have more choices if you have a radio license, like the RT29 long-range waterproof radio with a large battery capacity.

If you do not have a radio license, you can use an FRS radio or PMR446 radio. The RT45P is also a good outdoor radio recommended to you. It is waterproof radio with a screen and function buttons. You can press the button to set up the function. And a flashlight can work in the dark or emergency situations, like a cave or in camping.

If you are a driver, the mobile radio can work great with you, especially in camping. If you have a GMRS license, the RB86 GMRS waterproof mobile radio is good for you. It can connect to a repeater; the communication range is up to 15 miles with a long antenna like this MA08.

NOAA weather channels

If you are in the US or Canada, the NOAA function works. You can receive weather information and some emergency information from the broadcast. And you can check the NOAA weather channels on How to choose an NOAA radio.

Waterproof function

The IP67 waterproof and dustproof function means your radio can work as normal in 1-meter depth water for a half hour. So, you can use a waterproof radio on rainy days or in wet places. And it is also a good way to protect your radio and extend its life.

Rechargeable battery

The rechargeable battery and spare batteries are important in your trip. For license-free radios, a 1000mAh battery can work for 8 hours. But a 2000mAh battery can work 8-10 hours for a licensed radio. So, you have to order a power supplier or spare batteries to keep it online.

Communication range

The communication range of the two-way radio is based on applications like mountains, caves, forests, or fields. So, you can choose fitted radios to reach a long communication range or connect to a local repeater to extend a long range.

So, have you prepared for the outdoors? And which radio do you have? Please feel free to contact us for an outdoor radio recommendation at partner@retevis.com.

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