What kind of two-way radio match your need if you are an athlete or a sports fanatics

Extreme sports are the best exercise to test physical strength and ability, but their location is full of challenges and danger, safe and reliable walkie-talkie is the best communication tool to get the fastest rescue. Athletes and sports fanatics usually use more robust and high-quality professional radios, and we have received many requests for radios from athletes in many different sports. The next thing to share is the needs of one the athletes and sports fanatics.

Outfullsending page owner Daniel is a skiing athlete and his channels focus on unique backcountry skiing objectives. And he is attractive to many sports fanatics. And he thinks the radio is an important and reliable communication tool in the backcountry because the cell phone service is weak, and the rare people there. So, if you want to talk to others quickly, the two-way radios can send your voice to those around you.

He likes our HD1 radio, and he also likes a waterproof microphone with the radio.

I’d like to cover the usage of the HD1 radio in the field when skiing. And why it is useful across 3 different aspects:

1. Durability & Ruggeness — This is important because the radios are being used in extreme environments, and in some cases are being used as safety equipment. Skiers & snowmobilers need a radio to be reliable in the harsh elements we face! I’d like to highlight the immersion IP rating on this radio!

2. DMR — This is important as there are a few local ski clubs and snowmobile clubs that have local DMR repeaters, being able to access these can be very helpful.

3. Dual Band Capabilities — This is important because lots of people we ski with use Rocky Talkies, BCA Link, and Motorola Talkabout radios, and it’s very helpful being able to talk to them when filming and out skiing the backcountry, where a lot of times there’s lots of distance. These common radios operate on FRS (UHF), while Search and Rescue, Logging Road & Snowmobile users typically operate on VHF.

Being able to communicate with a group that already has FRS radios, while being also able to raise search and rescue and heavy industry in the area in the event of an emergency via VHF is very important.

And now, the upgraded HD1 with a type-C charging port. So you do not have to take the charging base and the charging cable in your backpack. Are you interested in the new HD1 radio? And do you want to know the performance in skiing? Follow us on Instagram, and you will find the latest information about it.

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