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Tornado warning Chicago: what can do for it?

Violent summer weather changes brought trouble, Chicago tornadoes brought more disaster. What should we do?

by Cara

Chicago tornado brought disaster to the entire region, with houses, cars, and other property damaged, traffic, work, and other disruption. People had to hide in basements and shelters to escape the tornado. How can we quickly receive and defend against weather disasters?

Have you followed the NOAA weather channel 24/7? Still use the weather radio?

Why not try a two-way radio with an NOAA weather channel and alarm function?

  • RB19P is a GMRS radio for the family. How to apply for your GMRS license
  • It has better interference resistance and can be easily received even if you use it in a shelter.
  • The GMRS version has higher power than the FRS radio, so you can talk to further distance and more people.
  • Repeater supported. You can talk to your families or friends in the same area via a GMRS repeater. Like RT97P.
  • 11 NOAA weather channels can provide 24/7 weather information. It is a good way to help you receive the weather alert immediately.


If you are a Prepper or ham, the advanced emergency ham radio is more suitable for rescue and prepping. Emergency ham radio used in shelters is a guide for beginners. Although Ham Radio can do more, it is more suitable for professional preparers and hams. For more Americans, GMRS radio is the best choice. Police and rescue groups usually use frequency radio scanners to find calls for help on the channel, so you don’t have to worry about being unable to communicate with them on GMRS frequencies.

To be safe at a low cost is the best choice for you. Order RB19P at our website.

And if you need a discount price, please email support@retevis.com.





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