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The most Affordable waterproof Two-way Radio RT49P

by Cherry

Going to a water park with your kids can be a fun family activity in such a hot summer. This not only brings joy but also promotes a harmonious family relationship. Perhaps you’re worried about getting lost with your kids. Affordable waterproof two way radio —RT49P can figure out your problem. Next I will tell you why you need RT49P.

Give kids freedom

Children always become lively and run about when they are outdoors. We are happy that they have fun, but we are worried that the children will get lost and run into danger. Being with them all the time can make kids feel trapped. Why not let the children play freely with RT49P? This way you can communicate with your children all the time without worrying about his or her safety.

Excellent waterproof and floating function

In the water park, it’s inevitable that the walkie talkie will contact with water or even get soaked in water. The waterproof degree of RT49P reach up to IP67. It can even stay in water up to a meter deep for half an hour without being damaged. Moreover, once it falls into the water, it will float on the surface of the water instead of sinking. This function prevents children from drowning while trying to pick up a walkie talkie that falls into the water.

Waterproof and floating of RT49P

Waterproof and floating of RT49P

Convenient license-free two way radio

A licence is usually required to use a walkie talkie. The complicated formalities make us not willing to use it. However, RT49P can be used directly without applying for a license. In addition, it unlike cell phone that the calls are totally free.

Favorable price

Perhaps you worry that such a powerful walkie talkie is too expensive and out of your budget. Don’t worry, RT49P has a discount recently. The price of a pair is only $64.99. It’s a good deal to buy such a outstanding performance walkie talkie.

Choosing RT49P is a good choice for you and your children to have a cheerful water park experience. In all directions, this affordable waterproof two way radio is the best communication tool in water park for you and your kids. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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