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The difference of RT5 and RT21

by retevis

Sometimes customers ask us:I want walkie talkies to communicate with others,I like RT21 and RT5,which radio do you recommend?They are all analog radios,what the difference of these

two radios?Let detailed discussion it.

Output power

The power of RT21 is 2.5W,the usual transmission distance of the peer is 0.5–2.5miles,RT5 is 5w radio,so in the communication distance,RT5 can reach longer than RT21.However,the

distance also is affected by your using  environment,longer range in open area than in building.

Frequency range

RT21 is 400-480MHz,RT5 is dual Band, dual display, dual Standby.UHF 400-520MHz + VHF/136-174MHz,so it is more convenience to use RT5.It is especially convenient for Staff of

Property Management and entertainment. RT5 adopts humanism design, making it smart in shape, advanced in function and flexible in operation.

Battery capacity

RT21 is 1100mAh,charging for 3-4 hours,it can be used for 8-12 hours.hoever,RT5 is 1400mAh.So RT5 can support longer standby time.Generally speaking,there are not much

differences,so they all can support your outdoor work.

Generally speaking,they all can use for your outdoors activities.If you just use short distance communication,I recommend you RT21,RT21 is frosted and painted appearance,comfortable

feel.this is the link: https://www.retevis.com/2pcs-handset-walkie-talkie-two-way-radio-rt21If you need more functions and longer distance to talk with your partners,you can use RT5.,RT5’s

dual Band, dual display, dual Standby function can meet your more requirements.Here is the link of RT5: https://www.retevis.com/retevis-rt5-dual-band-8w-dtmf-fm-radio-1750hz

Could you please check it if you like?

Are you clear about the difference?If you have else any question,please contact support@retevis.com freely,I will always here to help you.

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