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The best walkie talkies suitable for Motorsports events

by Nancy

Do you like Motorsport? Driving racing on the runway, it is cool! Right? If you participate in motorsport, whether you are a racer, referee or ground crew, you all need a walkie talkie to help you communicate with others. One of our customers consult RB15 as the use for Motorsports events. Do you know why RB15 is suitable for racing? Compare with other radios, what advantages does it have?

1.It is Mini walkie talkies, with belt clip, you can hang it on your belt or shirt without adding too much burden.

We all know that a game usually takes a long time, long hours of work. No matter for the contestants or other personnel, it is a big challenge, carrying a portable walkie talkie can reduce physical exertion. The dimension of RB15 is just 119mm X 55mm X 23mm, weight 93g, it is quite light in all Retevis products.

2. With vibration function, avoid missing information

RB15 is the only radio with vibration function in all Retevis products, vibration function reminds the user when receiving signals. Noise from the racing track, in particular, you don’t know when someone will call you, so own RB15 walkie talkie is the best choice for you.

3. RB15 comes with wireless cloning function

Wireless cloning function means you don’t need program then can set a same frequency in the channel, then you can communicate with others. users don’t need too professional to use the walkie-talkie if setting are different.As is:https://www.retevis.com/shop/License-free-two-way-radio-RB15-RB615-with-Vibration/

In addition to walkie talkies, you also need heavy-duty noise muffling headsets for use at Motorsports events. Our another customer purchased noise-Canceling Finger PTT Headphone Headset C9067A, which is high- quality noise reduction aviation microphone headset. Suitable for use in noisy environments, such as racing. Here is the link to noise-Canceling earpieces:https://www.retevis.com/shop/noise-canceling-finger-ptt-headphone-headset/

Could you please check it if you like?

If you have any other radio, welcome to contact partner@retevis.com directly.

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