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The best toy walkie talkie gift for kids

by retevis

Halloween is coming! Have you ready for gifts your kids? Which gift do you want to send them?  I think toy walkie talkie is the best choice, Not only has the interest, but also the customer increases the child and the parent’s communication.  Retevis have many toys walkie talkie, such as RT388, RT628, they are classic models,  and we also have many new release toys walkie talkies, for example, colorful RT37, cute RT30M, I recommend you use RT75 compass walkie talkie as a gift. So what is the advantage? Let discuss it together.

1. Bright color

RT75 has a bright color, it is very popular with kids.

2. Come with compass

RT75 come with compass, it can teach your child directions and don’t get lost, you can take your kids camping and explore nature. It is your best helper.

3. It has a flashlight.

RT75 has a flashlight, and even if you turn RT75 off, you still can turn the flashlight on,it can light all the time.

4. RT75 has many functions.

Though RT75 is a kids’ walkie talkie, it has many functions,like adult walkie talkies. For example, it has a VOX function, if you are active it,don’t press PPT, you can speak to others directly, it also has scan function, you can search someone channel faster,and communicate with him directly. Also, RT75 has clear timbre,is high-cost performance.

Now have you got a basic idea of RT75? Here is the link: https://www.retevis.com/rt75-rt675-compass-walkie-talkie, could you please check it if you like?

For more questions, please contact support@retevis.com directly.

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