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Talkaround Mode and Repeater Mode of HD1

by Ailunce

Do you have some doubt about what’s the Default to Talkaround option, which is in the channel setting of HD1 software?

Recently there have a customer is puzzled about this option, so today let’s talk about the Talkaround.

The Work Mode of Radio

The HD1 DMR radio has three work mode, Simplex mode, Repeater mode, and Double Slot mode.

Simplex mode and Double Slot mode are applied In the situation that two radios transmit and receive the signal directly, or the distance of them are close.

But the Repeater mode is applied in the situation that the two radios are far apart and they have to connect through the repeater, or the radio needs to hear signals from the repeater.

The distinction of Simplex mode and Double slot mode

Simplex mode is similar to direct mode,in this mode, you need to set same frequency, same color code, same contacts or matched contacts, the two radios can connect without the same time slot.

But in the Double slot mode, the two need to set the same time slot, frequency, color code, contacts, they can achieve connection.

It means that the time slot plays a needless part in Simplex mode.

Repeater mode

When two radios are far apart, they need to connect through the repeater, and repeater can make the communication distance widely, achieves city-wide connections, even longer ranges.

But the radio needs to set the same frequency, same offset as Analog repeater.

Or set the same frequency, offset, group contacts as DMR repeater.

Imagine a scenario like this:

Radio A and Radio B, the distance of they two is a little far and not within the range of the hand-held radio, they have to connect through the repeater.

But both A and B are moving to the same place, their distances will become closer and closer so that they can be called without the repeater.

Then the two radio continue to separate, farther and farther apart, they can only continue to connect through a repeater.

In order not to occupy the repeater resources, we suggest using the simplex mode or double slot mode when the distance is close enough.

which not only saves the repeater resources but also makes the conversation more private without repeater forwarding.

HD1 supports switching repeater mode and simplex mode in one channel, there have an option in channel setting–Default to Talkaround.

The Talkaround is similar to Simplex mode.

Check this option, you can switch Talkaround to Repeater mode conveniently.

Start Testing

First, the repeater Tx frequency is 422.36000, the Rx frequency is 429.36000, the color code is 1, the time slot is 1.

Set radio A: make a new channel–channel 1: Tx frequency is 429.36000, Rx frequency is 422.36000, the color code is 1, the time slot is 1, check the Default to Talkaround option.

Define the side key, Choose repeater/Talkaround.

Set radio B same as A.

Choose channel 1, the radio is default in Talkaround mode, does not connect the repeater, same to B.

Push both A ’s and B‘s side key, the two radios are into repeater mode.

Push A‘s PTT button, A through the repeater connect with B, B also can send a signal through the repeater to A.

Then the distance becomes close enough, A into the Talkaround mode, the Tx frequency becomes equal to Rx frequency.

The Tx frequency is 422.36000, push A’s PTT, the signal is sent at 422.36000MHz.

Radio B’s Rx frequency is 422.36000, B can receive A’s signal even if B is in the repeater mode.

Radio B continues to send the signal through the repeater, B’s Tx frequency is 429.36000, the repeater’s Rx frequency is 429.36000, then the signal send at the repeater’s Tx frequency 422.36000, B can receive.

A inters the Talkaround mode.

A and B send and receive messages and calls directly.

Then A and B start to separate again, the two start to get far apart, and they need to talk through the repeater.

A switches Talkaround mode to Repeater mode, A calls B through the repeater.

Then B receives the A’s signal from the repeater.

B turns to the repeater mode after pushing the PTT button.

A and B continue to transmit and receive through the repeater.


Check the Default to Talkaround option means that the channel is default in Talkaround mode.

Until you push the side key button, the channel will change into repeater mode.

And then if you change another channel and back, the channel will become the original mode, Talkaround mode.

Because the channel mode is the default, you just need push the side key or set two channels.

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