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3 Stereotypes About RB87 GMRS Radio That Aren’t Always True

Some people think two way radio is a old tool, hwoever, the current two way radio is different with 'old' radios, let's learn new RB87 GMRS radio.

by Cara

Is radio an ancient, backward, unnecessary means of communication? No, radio still has a place in all walks of life and in the home. Our new RB87 GMRS radio proves the point. There are 3 stereotypes that should be broken.

Stereotypes on Retevis RB87

Stereotype 1: A radio is a means of communication used when there is no cell phone.

Trues: Radio came into being because people needed to communicate over long distances and was later widely used in industry and manufacturing. But at present, compared with mobile phones, radio does have defects in communication distance and quality. However, we can not say that radio can be replaced by mobile phones.

Let’s take the RB87 as an example. It is a GMRS radio with a high power of 5W. And our technicians tested the call range on crowded urban roads for 3km, i.e., the call lasted for 3km without interruption. However, for frequent or short distance calls. There is a higher charge for mobile phone calls, but no additional charge for radio calls.

So if you’re in charge of planning community events, don’t miss the RB87 GMRS radio, which allows you to communicate frequently with multiple people for more efficient work communication. Or if you’re a store manager at a retail store. The RB87 radio allows you to listen to conversations on the same channel while delivering instant messages to keep abreast of what’s happening in the store. It is well known that mobile phones are not allowed to be used inflammable and explosive places such as petrol stations, but explosion-proof radios like RB56 and RB56B can be used in such situations.

Stereotype 2: Radio is not fashionable, only used by older people.

Trues: Today, radio is widely used in commercial, rescue, hobbyist, maritime, aviation, and many other situations. In order to meet the needs of the use, they often adopt the simplest appearance design. But some radios for home use are stylish enough.

RB87 can be used in travel, when the front car needs to rest, you can use RB87 to inform the car behind the family or friends. Or radio each other’s locations while visiting a national park. If you know your local GMRS relay, you can connect to the relay for greater calling distance. This is a very cool and interesting experience when you use RB87.

If the elderly are the building blocks of radio, the young are the builders.

Stereotype 3: Cheap radios are not good.

Trues: The market price of RB87 is no more than $30, but isn’t it as good as a $50 radio? According to customer feedback, RB87 works very well, with a clear and loud voice, simple operation, and is easy to use. But it is simpler than a $50 radio. In the case of another new GMRS radio, the RB23 is a waterproof radio, adding $10 to the cost, and the MIC gain function of the RB23 also gives a higher value. So, you can trust Retevis to make all products that are cheap price but not cheap quality.

Tips about GMRS radios:

You should apply for the GMRS radio operator permit from the local ham club. However, the business cannot apply for a permit for employees. So, if you are a homesteader, farmer, handcrafter with your family, the GMRS radio is the best choice for you. At this time, the RB87 GMRS radio is the cost-efficient radio for you, because it is cheap, simple to use, long-range than FRS radios, and connects a repeater or mobile radio. What are you waiting for? Contact us now. support@retevis.com



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Chuck Smith 12/12/2022 - 19:29

I want to use my RB87 radio with my local repeater. It has a different ctss can I change rb87 ctss settings?

Cara 15/12/2022 - 11:51

Hello, yes, you can download the programming software to set up the CTCSS codes through the programming cable. The software link is https://www.retevis.com/rb87-high-cost-performance-gmrs-5w-commercial-walkie-talkies-us, and the programming cable link is https://www.retevis.com/2-pin-programming-cable-for-retevis-us#US-C9018AX1


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