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Software program Retevis RT52 Dual PTT DMR radio (1)

by Ailunce

How to program your Dual PTT DMR radio RT52?

RT52 is the first dual PTT DMR radio in our Retevis amateur radios. RT52 is a dual band dual PTT digital radio which takes 1.8″TFT Colorful Display and Customized Display, GPS function as optional.

What you need to program RT52.

1. Order one Dual PTT radio RT52 from https://www.retevis.com/rt52

2. Order RT52 usb Cable from USB Cable from RT52

Software Programming.

Firstly,  Download software from https://www.retevis.com/resources-center 

Then install RT52 software on your computer.

Open the software, you will see the Treeview for RT52, you can check the software verison click” About”.

  1. Double clikc basic information, you will find dual PTT RT52 radio support frequency VHF 136-174Mhz, and UHF 400-480Mhz.

2. Under attachment you can find the settings for FM Radio, GPS, Record Functions.

RT52 radio support FM 65-108MHz frequency, it can save 20 FM channels.

Tick” Switch” will turn on GPS. Take the radio outside, wait 1-2 mins, the GPS icon will become green.  On this radio, it will display GPS date, time, LAT,LON, Speed. and Height, also show you the Statellites number.



3. Number Key Assign 


You can set 0-9 number keys to quick enter one talk group. Press # button can do a quick manual Dial. 

4. Customize sidekeys.

There have 3 customize sidekey to set emergency on/off, Monitor, one touch access and others functions.

Please email to info@ailunce.com or contacts us on Facebook page if you have any questions. 

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