What are the Similarity and different of Retevis RT50&RT81?

What are the Similarity and different of Retevis RT50&RT81?

It is well known that there are many different types of waterproof walkie-talkies in Retevis.

Analog waterproof Walkie talkie including RT47,RT48,RT6,RT87,RT29;

DMR waterproof walkie talkie including RT50,RT81,RT83,RT82,RT8.

We also have RT55 ip67 Marine Radio.

Many of them have very good customer feedback, and they are used in all walks of life.


In the past time, We get a lot of customer inquiries about the differences between RT50 and RT81, so today we will talk about the similarity and difference between RT50 and RT81 waterproof walkie talkie.


The Similarity of RT50&RT81:

  1. Both RT50 and RT81 are the 10W IP67 DMR Radio;
  2. Both of them are UHF Radio.
  3. Both of them have no Very large LCD(such as RT82);

4. The frequency range of RT50 and RT81 are 400-470MHz;

5. The Standard battery of them are 2200mAh;

6. The Operating Voltage of them is 7.4V.

7. Both of them have three standards:110v US standard, 220v EU standard,and 220V UK

standards, Suitable for different areas customers use.

8. The Accessory Connector of them are Kenwood 2 Pin Standard; The programming cable for them are C9018A:

9. The same function of them:

VOX,Scanning,CTCSS/DCS,Wide Narrowband,Frequencies step, User-defined side

buttons, Compand, IP67, PC programming.

10. The battery of RT50 and RT81 are the same.

11. They have the same charging base, you can order on https://www.retevis.com/original-li-ion-radio-battery-charger-for-retevis-rt8

12. They have the same Six-way charger, You can charge 6 radios at the same time, and allows you to charge more efficient and faster.

You can check on https://www.retevis.com/rapid-charger-6-radios-for-rt8

The difference between RT50&RT81:

  1. RT50 have an Invisible display screen, RT81 has no display screen;

2.RT50 have 2 zones, 198 channels, 200 contacts, While RT81 just have 32 Memory Channels,;
3.RT50 have 2Tone/5Tone signaling operation.
4.The Weight of them: RT50 is 862g, RT81 is 720g;
5.The price of them: The price of RT50 is $129.00, The Price of RT81 is $89.99.

From the above, we can know that there is not a very big difference between RT50 and RT81.
If you don’t have many members, and no need to add so many channels and contacts, you can choose RT81, it could be very economical.
If you want to have a Visible channel display, and have more channels and contacts, you can choose RT50, it is very texture DMR two way radio.

RT50: https://www.retevis.com/rt50-10w-ip67-dmr-digital-dual-time-uhf-radio
RT81: https://www.retevis.com/rt81-dmr-digital-analog-uhf-10w-ip67-radio

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