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RT97 portable analog repeater FAQ

by retevis

RT97 is the only analog repeater of Retevis, it is small size,is : 310x283x170mm,and easy to carry. There are some customers consult RT97 analog repeater recently. It involves how to install, customize, and select a walkie talkie to match it,let’s answer one by one.

1.How do we customize analog repeater? Can we customize many channels?

At present,we have 3 stock customized RT97,there is UHF-10mHz-Stock: Offset 10mhz, Tx:463.3125mhz and RX:453.3125MHZ.,VHF-10mHz-Stock: Offset 10mhz, Tx:162.6125mhz and RX:152.6125MHZ.GMRS repeater:TX:462.550MHZ, RX:467.550MHZ. GMRS frequency is our new released repeater,if you don’t want to customize,you can select it,don’t need wait,we can ship them to you as soon as first. If you want to customize frequency, you can email us,or leave a message when ordering,we will customize for you.

2. How many channels can we customize?

Generally speaking,we will customize one channel for you,after you get it, you can change the frequency,in the range of “+/-1mhz”. We also can customize many channels for you,just give us a form,we will customize our technician,after confirm it,will customize for you.

3. Can we customize UHF and VHF frequency at the same time?

I am sorry to tell you,no, you can’t customize UHF,VHF at the same time in one repeater,you only can customize UHF or VHF frequency.

4. Can you customize GMRS frequency?

Yes, we have new released GMRS repeater,here is TX:462.5500/RX:467.5500MHZ,it can match with RT76 GMRS radio, for US customers,if you want to customize the repeater with GMRS, please choose GMRS version. We have tested, match RT97 with RT76 GMRS radio,the distance reaches about 18km.

5. The higher power radio,is the expansion distance farther?

Generally speaking,in the same external environment,the higher the power of the walkie talkie, the farther the repeater can extend. So if you need to extend long distances, I recommend you use high power walkie talkie, such as RT29,RT82,they are high power radio of Retevis,when they work with RT97,the effect is better.

6. How do we install it?Do we need extra accessories?

We have an MA02 FRP antenna, can work with RT97, and you also need a feeder cable, to connect the repeater antenna point to the RT97 repeater point. Here is the link of MA02 FRP antenna:https://www.retevis.com/RETEVIS-MA02-FRP-ANTENNA-144-430MHZ/,you also can order feeder cable in your local market,RT97 Feeder cable connector: PL259 connector.

Here is the link of how to install RT97:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x91h_Q0-rbc,please refer it.

Above are the main doubt about rt97, if you have any don’t clear,please email us:partner@retevis.com,thanks a lot!

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Lyle Tanner 28/08/2020 - 00:47

Adding a basic repeater controller option to this product that can transmit an ID (either CW or voice) and produce a courtesy tone would make this an amazing portable repeater. The lack of an automatic ID prevents this product from being used for ham radio or commercial land mobile radio applications in the United States.


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