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How to confirm your RT81 version and communicate to each other?

RT81 has updated for third-times, and some customers concerned why my old RT81 cannot talk to the new one. Read the blog for the answer.

by Cara

The first version is an RT81 single time slot. The second version is updated to the dual-time slot, and the latest version is a dual-time slot but with new encryption. So, how to confirm the version of my RT81 radio? And can I use my new RT81 to talk to my old RT81 radio?


RT81 RT81P appearance

Look at this picture. To distinguish the new version of RT81 radio, we called them RT81P, but it is still the RT81.

The first version of RT81 with a black label on the battery, and the new version of RT81 with a white label on the battery.

The new version of RT81 with a small white label on the top right corner, but the old version does not have it.


Then, from 8th Nov.  2021, the third version of RT81 is updated, and the FCC number instead of the FCC sign, and you can also check the S/N number to confirm the version. The first four number is the year and month, if you can see 2111, it means November in 2021. It is the latest version.

After that, can they talk to each other? The answer is NO. We have to set up the radio to talk to each other.

RT81 communication

As we said, the time slot and the encryption is different for each two radio, how do set up and start to talk?

If you have the first version and the second version of RT81. You have to switch the working mode to straight mode in the second version software. Look at the screenshot. And then, you can use your second version RT81 to talk to the first version RT81, and even talk with encryption.

RT81-straight mode

If you have a second version of RT81 and the latest version of RT81. They can work in straight working mode and dual working mode. And you can also choose slot 1 and slot 2 to talk. However, due to the different chips, the encryption encoding and decoding are different. so you cannot hear the call from the second version of RT81 to the latest version.

More important, if you have an old version of RT81, and you order the latest version of RT81. You have to switch to the straight working mode and cannot work with the encryption.

That is the way to distinguish the version of your RT81 DMR radio and the conditions of the communication. If you still have questions, you can leave them in the comment. We can help you with it. And if you’d like to know the features of RT81 radios, you can read the blog Introduction main functions

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