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RT51 POC radio can be used for Taxi

by retevis

RT51 is POC radio, unlimited distance, just insert your own SIM card, either T-Mobile or AT&T carrier in the US. Then 2pcs RT51 can communicate with each other in American. We have customers operating a rental taxi,  have purchased many RT51 POC radios. it is convenient to use in Taxi, so do you know why he selects RT51?

1.RT51 poc radio has a desktop management platform.

It is a complete desktop Dispatch Platform allows you to have complete control of your teams’ radio fleet. For example, managers log in to the system, all vehicle locations can be viewed, can talk to the RT51 on the vehicle. If there is an accident or congestion on a certain section of the road, people at the computer control end can remind all the traffic information. greatly improving efficiency. This is very suitable for taxi companies, also besides, it applies to security personnel.

2.It is an unlimited distance

In the USA, you can use it anywhere you have a cell phone signal, just insert your own SIM card, either T-Mobile or AT&T carrier.

3.Cheaper than a mobile phone

It is inserted SIM card, the cost is much lower than using a mobile phone. Just pay $10 RT51 Poc Radio Service 1 Year Subscription, you can use the radio all the year. When one year of service expires, just repay $10 is ok.is lower use cost. It also has other functions of walkie talkie, such as Individual calls, Group calls or All calls can be made the same way as conventional two-way radio.

RT51 is can be used in American. Now we have new release EU POC radio RT70, can use in Europe country. It has the same operation method as RT51, here is the link:https://www.retevis.com/rt51-poc-handset-radio

RT51 and RT70 break through the restriction of distance limitation of traditional walkie talkie. maybe you have an interest in them, right?

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