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RT50- a new radio with digital tube is coming

by Elsa

RT50 radio with digital tube is coming

What a radio with digital tube! what it could be like? How many features does it have?

Let me tell you one by one

 RT50-has a digital tube- easy to easy to observe.

RT50 has a digital tube-green light.  it is easy to look the current channel and the remaining battery power.

Even though you Turn off voice announcement,  You never worry that you don’t know the channel you are in。

Because you can see it through the digital tube-green light.

RT50 -a high power radio 10W.

It is a high power radio 10W.It will  Longer transmission distance.

Everyone knows that the basic function is transmit. If you want to have a longer distance to transmit.

The best choice for you is RT50. RT50 has 10W power to use.It is high power in analog radio.

It also means ,the distance you can transmit is as long as HD1.

Very long distance right. If you get the radio , you will do not need to get repeater box or other way to to make the transmission distance longer.

RT50-a true radio  for IP67.

IP67 means you can use it in wet or rainy days, and do not fear about it will out of work.

The larger the number, the stronger the ability.

IP67 can protect the dust from inhalation ( prevent the penetration of dust), protection against short soaking (anti-soaking).

4.RT50-a new DMR radio

It is not only analoge radio but also a digital radio.

Here are some functions about it.

Main feature:

  • Digital tube character function
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Digital and analogue mode
  • 2 zone, 198 channels, 200 contacts
  • Single/group/all call
  • 2 time slot direct mode (DCDM)
  • 2Tone/5Tone signaling operation
  • Remote stun/active(only analogue mode)
  • High/Low power selectable
  • Man down
  • Compander
  • Scambler
  • VOX function
  • Scan function

I know you want to get one now, Here is the link https://www.retevis.com/rt50-10w-ip67-dmr-digital-dual-time-uhf-radio

If you want to know more about RT50 contact me freely: support@retevis.com

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Vitalik 21/07/2018 - 08:31

32-bit encryption in RT50 is compatible with HD1 radio ?

Cherry 21/07/2018 - 16:06

Sorry, the RT50’s encryption is not compatible with HD1, and RT50 with the 11 bit encryption for 3 modes.


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