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RT5 walkie-talkie different wattage call distance

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The RT5  walkie talkie equipped with a screen, almost all functions can be set through keypad . It id dual band(UHF/VHF), which is very suitable for personal and outdoor activities. At the same time, it supports you select power, and the city and outdoor are universal.So it is very popular with everyone.

The RT5 includes three powers of 7W, 5W and 1W. Below we have three scenarios for everyone to describe.

RT5  walkie talkie scene one

When your family and friends go camping, go to the farm, play golf and other places that are relatively large, you can adjust RT5 walkie-talkie to 7W, high power can extend long distance, the general distance can be reached (1-4 )mile. Note: In an open place, you can choose VHF, low frequency wave is short, and the propagation distance is relatively far, which can better meet your distance requirements.

RT5  walkie talkie Scene two

When your job is in a building office, school, relative farm and golf course, the distance requirements are not so far, you can adjust RT5 walkie-talkie to 5W, the general distance can reach (1-3.5) miles. For the school, it is very suitable between the class and the class, between the teacher’s office and the class. For the office of the building, it is suitable for the department to cooperate. Between the general manager’s office and the department. The additional 5W power makes it longer than the usual two-way radio,easy to operate and learn.

Retevis walkie talkie

RT5  walkie talkie Scene three

If you want to use them for family service,you just change it to 1W, it will help you  save power under the right conditions.

please note that the distance used by the walkie-talkie is affected by many factors, such as obstacles, battery power, antenna gain and weather, so the distances used by different environments are different.


How to adjust the power through the keyboard?


  1. First turn on the RT5 walkie-talkie
  2. Press the MENU button
  3. Press the up and down keys to find the TXP
  4. Press the NENU button again
  5. Finally, press the up or down button to set the HIGH, MID, and LOW.
  6. Then, press menu button to confirm.

Choosing the right power in the right place will be more conducive to customer use and better customer service.


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