Retevis RT5

RT5 outdoor walkie talkie solution

When you are using the walkie-talkie outdoors, choosing the RT5 outdoor walkie-talkie is your best choice. Almost all the features you need can be met.

The RT5 outdoor walkie-talkie includes three types of power: high, medium and low, 7W/5W/1W. You can switch flexibly in different scenarios. When you are in an empty place, you can adjust to high power so that the distance can be farther. Because in general, the bigger the power, the farther the distance.
Another way to increase the distance is to use the high gain antenna ASIN(B013SRYSAE).With high-gain antennas, you don’t have to worry about range and penetration, especially in urban areas and dense forests.

RT5 FM function is ideal for outdoor use

Retevis RT5 2 Way Radio 7W VHF/UHF Dual Band


The RT5 outdoor walkie-talkie is VHF and UHF, 136-174MHz/400-520MHz, FM radio (65-108)MHz, so you can easily adjust to the FM function, switch to the radio mode to work, and you can use it to understand Local news and weather reports.

When you need to ask for help alone, our RT5 outdoor walkie-talkie has an emergency alert function. Regarding the RT5 emergency alarm function and how to set it up, our previous blog has been explained in detail.So If you meet some emergency situation, press the alarm button, and the radio will emit alarm sound or give alarm to other walkie-talkies with maximum sound.

RT5 walkie talkie
Retevis RT5 2 Way Radio 7W VHF/UHF Dual Band 128CH Walkie Talkies VOX


Through distance, FM radio function and emergency alarm function, three simple explanations, RT5 outdoor walkie-talkie is very suitable for outdoor use, you deserve them.

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