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Radio for Farm Use? Look at this one

by Wendy

In the world of agriculture, reliable and robust communications will greatly improve the workers productivity. Two way radios are often used for farm use, since they don’t have the limit of network signals. What radio for farm use we will recommened? Read on to find out.

How to Pick the Radio for Farm Use

Lone Range: Radios for farm use needs to be enough for communicating across a few acres of land. So it’s better to choose the long range radios.

Durable Quality: Farm radios must be rugged and durable. Because some radios may get wet or accidentally dropped. So in terms of build quality, waterproof and Dust-Resistant radios are ideal for use in farms.

High Power: Wattage and power source are important factors to consider as well. The higher the wattage, the wider the coverage range of a device. For farm radios, at least 5 Watts will be better.

What We Recommend

Radio for Farm Use-RT29

Radio for Farm Use-RT29

With a high-level of audio quality, great durability, excellent range and impressive battery life, Retevis RT29 two way radios delivers cost-effective connectivity and keep your farm and other workplace running smoothly.  Two band versions are available, VHF version and UHF version. You can choose any version to suit your needs.


Long Range: The range of RT29 is about 2 to 3 miles in urban densely populated area, and about 2 to 5 miles in open space/mountain area. (But this range is just for reference only, because the distance of the radio is greatly affected by terrains and conditions.)

Waterproof and Dust Resistant: Rating to IP67, RT29 has super good performance on waterproof and dustproof. It will make the radio more durable in the  terrible environment.

Privacy sub-channels: RT29 supports 50 non-standard CTCSS and 232 DCS, which can minimize reduce unnecessary chat from others. It will be helpful when you don’t want others to listen to your calls.

Long Lasting Battery Life: RT29 is bulit with high capacity battery, up to 3200 mAh. So it supports long battery life which can be used continuously for over 24 hours. And its stand-by time can up to 250 hours.

US-Military Standard Compliant: It will survive challenging weather conditions and everyday use.

User Reviews:

Some users also say that RT29 is reliable and has impressive performance, especially when used during harvest season. It is a very handy communication gear for agricultural needs. There are comments on how good the quality is, which is something expected. Most users are satisfied with RT29’s performance communication. And a lot believe that sound quality and clarity are good.

Thank you for reading this blog! If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. We are looking forward to your comments!


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