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RT26 UHF radio upgraded now!

RT26 UHF radio has upgraded and in stock now, check the changes and new look on our website. The link is in the blog.

by Cara

If you followed our Facebook page, you may notice the upgrade information for RT26 UHF radio. At this point, we would like to give more details about the changes.

3 upgrades on the features:

  1. Channel quantity from 16 channels to 99 channels.
  2. A new display on the hidden screen.
  3. Added a new feature.

So, let’s talk about and show the changes in a video.

The new feature can skip the limitation of CTCSS/DCS codes to talk to another radio. For example, group A can talk on 446.0125mHz with a tone of 114.8 while group B talk on 446.0125mHz with a tone of D026N. If the manager wants to speak to both group A and group B, the new feature can talk to each group when the tones are different.

The operation is not complex, you can follow this step:

  1. Long press the PTT button and side key 1 to turn on the radio.
  2. The manager’s radio will flash yellow and enter the decode mode.
  3. And the member’s radio can transmit, and the manager’s radio can receive and press the PTT button to save the code.
  4. Then, they can talk to each other.

After familiar with the new features, let’s back to the first upgrade. It is another good way to solve communication interruption.

First, you can program more frequency to your radio, and you can choose the channel on the radio with different codes. We’ve had some feedback from customers who want us to have more channel options. Because it’s hard to change the tone of the radio without a keyboard, the same frequency with a different tone will occupy more channels. If you meet at the same time next time, we will recommend this new RT26 UHF radio.

It is another radio with a hidden screen. So, more icons displayed on the screen can help more. The new RT26 can display the CTCSS/DCS tones, the channel number, battery, and the Tx/Rx icon.

RT26 upgrade display



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