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RT21 distance and suitable occasion

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RT21 have the dependable range and strong radio body, so it not only popular for family use, but also widely used in various business activities.


What is the RT21 distance?

RT21 walkie-talkie is 2 W, the usual transmission distance of the peer is 0.5–2.5miles, but it also be affected by your using environment,longer range in open area than in building.


RT21 suitable occasion

Long distance and crystal transmission , keep you communicating smoothly, save waiting time, and work with your partners to complete remote work. It usually works well in hotels,

restaurants, retail stores, hotels, office jobs, business operations, churches, warehouses, warehouses, construction sites, schools, hospitals and churches.

The rugged housing is suitable for all occasions and staff, without worrying about breakage.
Crystal voice and long distances ,ensure our work goes smoothly; scrambling keeps your communications uninterrupted.


Why can Retevis RT21 easily handle various occasions?

  1. Direct use: Already programmed to the same frequency, also FRS frequency without license.
  2. Encrypted communication: not only has CTCSS and DCS functions, but also can add scrambling function ,help you filter more interference.

3.1100 mAh battery: Charging for 3-4 hours,It can be used for 8-12 hours , so it can support your outdoor work.

  1. Sturdy casing: It takes a long time to use and does not need to be replaced all the time.


In short, the needs of the market, the needs of everyone, and the superiority of the RT21 itself can be excellent in all kinds of environments, worthy of your trust and possession.

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