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Lightweight and Mini RT20 analog radio is coming

by Lewis

RT20 is a new analog radio will be released soon.It’s difference from traditional analog radio, light, thin, Mini are main features. Even it’s small body, however, which almost own all functions in analog radio. so mainly used for security, shopping malls, hotels, walking, driving and outdoor activities.Please follow me to approach RT20 mini light walkie talkie


Small body&large capacity

Size(89×51×15mm), which is the smallest in all Retevis analog radios.When you’re going on shopping malls, you will don’t look seller hold a heavry radio in hand on front of counter if they have RT20. if you’re walking, driving or others outdoor activities, please put RT20 in your pocket, of course, it also can be fitted to a belt. I think it’s very convenient in life and business if have this radio with small and easy to carry.How do you think?At the same time, RT20 has all analog radio functions.eg.Scanning,VOX,TOT,Monitoring and so on. So it’s small body with large capacity.

Retevis RT20






Lightweight&slight body

160G Body, it’s equel to the weight of kid radio, like RT35 (105G), RT36(120G), RT388(110G). however, RT20 is more power than all kids radio. As very lightweight and slight body, it can be held in your hand.it’s the first choice when you have a trip outdoor. When there’s a famliy gatherings, Adult take RT20, Children has kids radio. they can talk each other. we can image this cozy scene.

Retevis RT20











So what are you waiting for when you meet this RT20 mini light walkie talkie,which will arrive in the begining of June, if you interested in it, please feel free to contact us by email: vip@retevis.com



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